Get Involved/Donate

Time Out encourages community participation in our programs.

Domestic violence affects all of us. We each encounter victims and survivors countless times while going about our daily routines. Although we are dedicated to providing quality programs and services to women, men, and children who are victims of abuse, we simply cannot do this work alone. In fact, with every minute that passes, victims' need for your help continues to grow. Our community-driven, community-supported programs provide various opportunities for volunteers, students, businesses, and organizations to become involved in a meaningful way.

You can show your compassion and generosity for victims of domestic violence in a number of ways. Monetary and in-kind donations of goods and services are always welcome. This support is vital to building successful programs, safe families and violence-free communities.

How to Make a Difference

  1. Make a one-time or ongoing donation or a gift in honor of someone special. Yourtax deductible gift will make a difference in the lives of more than 400 adults and children served through our programs each year, or donate your time and talents as a Time Out Volunteer.
  2. Link with Good Search and Good Shop to Help Time Out Earn A Donation Every Time You Search The Internet And Shop Online.
  3. Donate Gift Cards. Gift cards are a great way to help because we can get the supplies we need as we need them, without worrying about storage considerations. Retailers such as Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree are some of the most popular choices.
  4. Donate to Time Out's Thrift Shop. Gently used items can be dropped at our Thrift Shop location at 244 E. Highway 260 Payson, AZ. For larger items, please call 928-474-3989 for pick up. We are always in need of furniture items. Check out our Thrift Shop page for details on hours, location, and special sales.
  5. Support us at Domestic Violence Awareness and Fundraising Events. Add your name to our fundraising event email/address list. We'll notify you of any upcoming fundraising events.
  6. Donate to Our Wish List. Please note: We are only able to accept new/unused items.  Donate to our Time Out Children's Program Wish List.
  7. Take Charge of Your Tax Dollars!  Time Out, Inc. qualifies as a charitable organization. You may claim a tax credit for voluntary cash contributions made on or before April 15th.
  8. Donate cell phones for use by victims. Recycled cell phones are an important resource. We partner with the Shelter Alliance to raise funds and provide donated cell phones to victims of domestic violence. Donated cell phones could save a life by enabling victims with instant access to emergency services. Using a padded envelope, you can mail your unwanted cell phone to Time Out at P.O. Box 306, Payson, AZ 85547. Before donating your mobile phone, erase any stored information, including your contact list, text messages, and listings of incoming/outgoing numbers. Most cell phones use a "master reset" to delete information quickly and easily. Also, verify that your account has been canceled with your service provider.

Call 928-472-8007 or contact us now to find out how you can participate in a meaningful way.