Things to Take With You

Important papers you should take include:


___ Birth certificate(s) 

___ Driver's License/Military ID

___ Social Security Card(s)

___ Passport(s)

___ Insurance documents


___ Money/credit cards and statements

___ Checkbooks, bank statements

___ Savings bonds

___ Food stamps

___ Proof of Income for you and your partner (pay stubs or W-2’s)

Legal Papers:

___ Copy of your Order of Protection

___ Car registration/insurance papers

___ Copy of lease/deed to home

___ Medical and school records

___ Separation/custody papers

___ Power of attorney/will


___ Medications, prescriptions

___ Keys to home and vehicles

___ Address book/telephone cards

___ Clothes

___ Any documentation of past incidences of abuse (photos, police reports, medical records, etc.)