Safety Planning

What is a Safety Plan?

There is no single generic safety plan that can help minimize the danger you may be experiencing. Safety plans help lessen risk and can assist you in getting to a safe place if need be. Safety plans do not ensure that you will be safe in a violent situation, but they can assist in the event of an emergency. While it may seem time consuming and tedious to prepare, a well thought out safety plan could save your life.

There are many different types of plans depending on your situation. Only you know what is best for you, so select a type of plan that best suits your current needs. If unsure which kind is most suitable, you can prepare several and use them as necessary. Examples of safety plans includes:

  1. A safety plan while in the home
  2. A safety plan with an Injunction for Protection
  3. A safety plan in the Shelter
  4. A safety plan for returning home
  5. A safety plan for preparing to leave
  6. A safety plan for work
  7. A safety plan for staying with family or friends
  8. A safety plan with children

My Personal Safety Plan