Domestic Violence Against Men

Domestic violence against men can take many forms including emotional, sexual and physical abuse. It can happen in heterosexual or homosexual relationships. It might not be easy to recognize domestic violence against men. Early in the relationship, your partner may seem attentive, generous and protective in ways that later turn out to be controlling and frightening. Initially, the abuse may appear as isolated incidents. Your partner may apologize and promise not to abuse you again.

In other relationships, domestic violence against men may include both partners slapping or shoving each other when they get angry — and neither partner seeing himself or herself as being abused or controlled. But this type of violence can still devastate a relationship, causing both physical and emotional damage.

Time Out Can Help!

Call our hotline to inquire on services for men:  928-472-8007 or the National Domestic Violence Assistance Hotline: 1-800-799-7233.

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